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illuminati Freemasons

illuminati Freemasons


Join Illuminati FreemasonsWith Dr. Medi & Create A Difference!

Illuminati does not seek any introduction because numerous people across the world are already availing its benefits. The purpose of Illuminati is to make “good individuals become better individuals.” Join Illuminati freemasons UAE with us and become a better personality as a whole.

We try to emphasize on every individual by strengthening his character, enhancing his moral, broadening his mental horizons as well as his spiritual outlook.

There are plenty of Benefits Illuminati freemasons with Dr. MEDI-

Dr. MEDI, a well-known traditional healer with Illuminati powers. Being one of the most experienced Illuminati agents, he is considered one of the preferred points of contact for Illuminati related needs.

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  • See your enemy in the mirror
  • Muti for attraction {men and women} and the list goes on…


We operate in UAE for a long time and have a long list of Illuminati freemasons here. Our well-designed healing programs are meant to benefit people from various generations and places.

All of us have immense capability inside us. It’s just we don’t realize our strengths. We will enable you to know it and use it wisely.


Be a part of something bigger and better. Get reward generously for it.

Our Mission

To free minds from the chains they've been confined to. We know that the masses are awakening, and that they're ready to get rid of what holds human civilization back. We all die. The goal isn't immortality, it's to create something, a system or a future, that is. Be a part of something bigger, and get reward generously for it.


Frequently Asked Questions/concerns:

Can I perform the ritual more than once?
NO! Satanic rituals are real and binding. The ritual should only be done ONE TIME!

I performed the ritual. I could barely get any blood on the paper, is the ritual still valid?
YES!! The amount of blood does not matter, this is only a formality. What is in our hearts and what our intentions are, are much more important than the amount of blood in our signature.

Can I reverse the ritual at a later date?
Satanic rituals, unlike the rituals in other religions, are real and permanent. I received a very small number of letters from people who were confused and harassed by Christians. One person performed a reverse ritual and Satan left him. Totally. Satan does not push himself on anyone.
Christians are deceived. They believe their "God" to be "loving" and "forgiving." In truth, this monster is a spiteful, hateful attacker of human beings. When one is with Satan, one is always under his protection. He looks out for us and we enter a new life where we no longer have the worries that others endure. Things are not perfect, but they are always much better. Satan does not punish people who reject him, he simply leaves and one is left all alone to endure the torments of the enemy.

These people wrote to me because after several months, they were begging for Satan to take them back. The enemy did absolutely nothing for them. All were extremely regretful they ever left and very desperate to come back.

I am under-age and my parents would cause me serious problems if they ever caught me doing a Satanic ritual.
If there is absolutely no way you can perform the ritual without placing yourself in danger, you can perform it in your astral temple.
You can do the above ritual when you are older. Performing the dedication on the astral is every bit as valid as doing it physically. Satan is very understanding concerning teens who are forced into accepting Christianity while living at home and being underage.

I am underage, living in a Christian home and my parents force me to go to church and participate in Christian sacraments. Can I still do the dedication? Will Satan be angry with me?
Yes, you can still perform the ritual. Satan understands. As long as you are loyal to him in your heart, he will not be angry with you. Those of you under 18 are not free. There is no need to reveal your allegiance to Satan to anyone. What is in your heart is more important than anything else. Satan advises us in the Al-Jilwah not to reveal our religionto outsiders if it will cause us harm in any way, this is especially important for teens. Just renounce the Christian "God" in your mind if you are forced to participate in any of his garbage. Satan understands it can be downright dangerous, and in some cases even life-threatening for teens living in Christian homes to reveal their allegiance to him.